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Is Bingo Legal In NZ?

Bingo playing cards

Bingo remains an all-time classic among Kiwi gamers. The suave game boasts entertainment and strategy, so it’s little wonder why. However, is bingo legal in NZ? The short answer is yes. The Gambling Act of 2003 exempts bingo from licensing requirements due to its low-risk ruling. But does this mean you can enjoy the game without any regard for rules? No. Find out why below. 

Is Bingo Legal in NZ? Understanding the Gambling Act of 2003 

Bingo, a popular game of chance, has been enjoyed by many people in New Zealand. However, some individuals are often concerned about the legality of the game. Fortunately, the Gambling Act of 2003 sets out the rules and regulations for all forms of gambling in the country, including bingo.

Under the Act, bingo is considered a form of Class 1 gambling. This means that the game is deemed to be low-risk and is, therefore, free of licensing paperwork. However, the game must still be conducted in compliance with certain conditions to remain low-risk.

What Are the Lawful Conditions for Conducting Bingo?

The main rule for conducting bingo is that the game must be non-commercial. This means that it must not be operated for profit or commercial gain. Additionally, the game must not be used to raise funds for any charitable or community purposes.

Another condition is that the prize pool for the game must not exceed $500. This means that the total value of all prizes, including any non-monetary prizes, must not exceed $500. In addition, all prizes must be distributed among the players who win them.

Bottom Line

Bingo is legal in New Zealand, provided that it is conducted in compliance with the Gambling Act of 2003. Players can enjoy the game without fear of breaking the law if they participate in games that meet the conditions for Class 1 gambling. If you’re interested in playing bingo in NZ, you can find games at many community centres, local clubs, and online casinos.

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